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"Post-16 provision at Horizons is outstanding. Leaders base their 'Shaping Futures' curriculum firmly around the practical skills and attributes required for the world of work." - Ofsted 2017.

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Subject/Pastoral groups weekly work.

Joe’s Group

Students in Joe’s maths group will need to log in to and use the log in details you have received to access the tasks that have been set – this will be updated weekly.

Joe’s pastoral group to log into with login details you have, updated every Monday.

For students to login into emails and check for any work that has been sent please use this link and enter username and password.

Ziad’s Group

English WC 18th May

The Moon Reading Task E3 L1 WC 18 05 2020

The Rio Olympics Reading Task E3 L1 WC 18 05 2020

The Sun Reading Task E3 L1 WC 18 05 2020

English WC 11th May

Planet Earth Reading Task E3 L1 WC 11 05 2020

SPaG Activities 3 wc 11 05 2020

Weeds and Gardens Reading Task E3 L1 WC 11 05 2020

Connectives Activity Sheet wc 11 05 2020

Mahatma Gandhi Reading Task E3 L1 WC 11 05 2020

Maths WC 11th May

Maths Activities 1 (with Answers on back)

Maths Activities 2(With answers on back)

WC 27th April

English –

Earthquakes reading task wc 27 04 20

Eid al-Fitr reading task wc 27 04 20

Back to Earth Reading task wc 27 04 20

SPaG Activity Mat 2 wc 27 04 (with answer page)

Maths –

Long Division help sheet wc 27 04 2020

Long Division Practice Worksheet wc 27 04 2020

Short division practice worksheet wc 27 04 2020

Jan’s Group

English WC 18th May

Reading for Purposes and understand the meaning.
The Blue Planet 
Read the text about the Blue Planet then answer the questions.
Writing activity: Write your friend an email explaining why he or she should not throw rubbish into the sea
The Blue Planet 2 (1) (1)
Job Advert
Read the text PCV drivers.
Read the questions and answer them.
Apply now 
Occupational Health Nurse.
Read the text and answer the questions. 
Customer Service Agents
Read the text and answer the questions. 
Relief Support Workers
Read the text is it a good or bad text?
Please say why it is good or bad.
Maths WC 18th May
Emoji Maths is fun
Addition using 2 digit numbers. 
Emoji Code Breaking EL2-3
Addition using 3 digit numbers.
Emoji Code Breaking EL 3 
Money Homework
Answer the questions. EL 2 -3
Task 1. Convert the amounts into pounds and pence.
Task 2. Add the amounts together.
Task 3.How much change from £10 if you spend the following?
Task 4. Solve the money problems.

English WC 11th May

Write to Communicate Entry Level 1 – 3
Task 1 Post card 1 You are in France working in a hotel, write to a friend.
Post card 2 You are on holiday in Paris, write to a friend in England.
Sample messages;
Informal message to a friend.
Message to your teacher.
Task 2Write your own message
You are too ill to go to college, write a message to your teacher.
Writing on a post card and writing a message
Task 3 Fantasy Job Project
Design an advert for your ideal job.
Job advert Fantasy
Maths WC 11th May
Maths  Money
Task 1 Read instructions sheet value for money.
Task 2 Value for money Read the text and answer the questions.
 Look at the items and say which items are value for money.
Explain why and type your answers in the box.
Task 3 Using the internet shop at Tesco, Asda, Morrisons and Sainsburys find the same product from each supermarket and fill in the table.

English WC 4th May

How to insert arrows instructions

The language of forms

Filling in application forms

Cyclones e1-e2 (3)

Cyclones E3- L1 (3)

Maths WC 4th May

Maths – Time1 (2)

Maths – Time2 (1)

Telling the Time what time is it I

Instructions for clocks

Maths WC 27th April

Telling the Time what time is it

ana dit 8

Instructions for clocks (Janet Rodgers) (5)


Correct the Sentence Punctuation (3)

Full Stopsand CapitalLetters (1)

a-e Spelling Activity (1)

Maths WC 20th April- be able to work with time

Analogue – digital 1

Analogue – digital 2

Analogue – digital 3

Analogue – digital 4

Analogue – digital 5

English: Read for purpose and meaning

Advertisement – read text and answer questions

Read text, answer questions and fill in crossword Entry 2

Read text, answer questions and fill in crossword Entry 3

Use punctuation and capitals in the text



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